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Mallory Recor
When you spend your day with the prettiest of weddings, you tend to be a happy person. And that I am. My waking hours are a sea of beautiful love stories, unbelievable images, gowns, shoes, flowers, and the like, and I love it. When I'm not surrounding myself with these magical moments, you can find me creating magical moments of my own with a loving husband and the cutest little baby boy with the spikiest brown hair.

As the little girl who wore a veil from the time she could walk, it's no surprise that Style Me Pretty found me. Weddings have been my life from well before I ever met my husband and that passion hasn't left me, even five years after I said "I do." I've found a beautiful wedding can not only inspire yet another beautiful wedding, but also a beautiful life. A home, a craft, a cocktail, a piece of art. Wedding's inspire everything in my life.